Here are some Use Cases


Every business needs to sell to survive. issues in the operations side of selling are costly, they can result in customer complaints or selling at reduced prices due to clerical errors.

* reduces the rate of manual errors

* provides a faster service to your customers. Since automation can speed up processes, customers will receive invoices earlier, leading to earlier payments and improved cash flow.

* reduces costs

Customer onboarding


Most B2C businesses have a customer onboarding process that is critical to reduce churn and get customers to start using the product. Using OCR and cognitive automation, most customer onboarding actions can be completed instantaneously even in companies that rely on legacy systems, greatly improving customer experience.

Data updates


Most departments including HR, customer service and marketing routinely need to update customer/personnel data which is constantly changing. Setting up bots for auto updating relevant data from forms or email can ensure that departments can access fresh and correct data.

A Component System necessary to maintain the operation of the Component System in compliance with the Documentation in effect as of the Component System’s applicable License Effective Date and includes without limitation modifications correcting any design or operational errors in the Component System and modifications enabling the Component System to be operated in any revised operating environment issued by BNYM and excludes Upgrades.


Some Other Categories

  • Procure-to-pay (p2p)/source-to-pay (s2p)
  • Extracting data from PDFs
  • Data migration and entry
  • Lead nurturing
  • Creating and delivering invoices

Data validation


Most data validation controls can be embedded in databases. However, there’s data validation tasks such as cross checking data against publicly available data, for which RPA automation is more suitable than other tools

Generating mass emails


Mass emails relying on data from multiple systems are painful to produce manually. Especially if you are sending them frequently, consider automating the process.

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